Two Catholic couples began this website in the hopes that it would provide immediate, practical support for others who have lost a child to miscarriage.

When John and Sara miscarried in 2008, there was little information on the internet when searching for “catholic miscarriage.” There were plenty of books to buy, articles to read, and forums to browse, but there was no information on what was considered proper – or even just acceptable – procedures for handling the baby’s death within the Catholic Church’s teachings. When G. and J. lost their baby in 2012, the situation was not much better. When looking for spiritual support and answers to their grief, there were many options, but not much to be found for the practical answers they were seeking.

That’s when we stumbled across Lost Innocents, a blog for Orthodox Christians who have experienced miscarriage. It was very similar to what we had expected to see from the Catholic Church, but no such resource existed. After speaking with Matushka Anna, the founder of Lost Innocents, she gave permission to use much of her content, for which we are extremely grateful.

We truly hope that this is a helpful guide for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions you may have. May God bless you!

This website is dedicated to S., Anthony, Julia, and Margaret. We have entrusted them to God and pray that we may meet them in Heaven.