Practical Q&A

We have designed these pages to answer a few practical questions that come up surrounding a miscarriage, such as what to do with your baby’s body and whether or not to have a funeral or blessing. A list of the pages as well as the questions they answer is below.

  • Caring for Your Baby’s Body
    • What can I do with my baby’s body if I deliver him or her at home?
    • What can I do with my baby’s body if I deliver him or her at the hospital?
    • Can I take pictures of my baby? What if he/she is disfigured?
  • Burials and Names
    • What are my options for a funeral, burial, or blessing for my baby?
    • Where can I bury my baby?
    • How should I bury my baby?
    • What do I do if I don’t have a body to bury?
    • Can I name my baby?
  • Moving Forward
    • When should I go back to work?
    • I’m worried about getting pregnant again. How long should we wait?
    • Won’t people think we’re just replacing our baby with another one?
    • What kind of keepsake can I make for a very early pregnancy loss?

If you are looking specifically for questions related to your physical health and what you can expect with delivery or recovery, we suggest going to our Physical Process page. For questions related to grief and coping with the loss of your baby, please visit our Grief and Coping Q&A.

If you have a question that you would like to see here, please submit it using our contact form.