These pages are meant to help with the questions you need answered immediately.

The Physical Process – What you can expect as you miscarry, whether you do so through labor at home or in a hospital, or you have surgery. It is a helpful starting place.

Practical Q&A – The whole reason we started this site, this gives a list of common questions you might ask, such as how to keep your baby until a blessing or funeral; if you can have a blessing, funeral, or service; if you can name your baby; and more.

How to Navigate the Hospital – This is a good place to start if you know that you will be going to the hospital soon to deliver your baby who has already died.

Specific to Stillbirth – While much of the information here can be applied to both stillbirths (after 20 weeks gestation) and miscarriages, this includes a few items which will only apply to late-term babies.

Photographs – A link to miscarried babies’ photos on another site.