Ways to Remember Your Child

There are many, many ways to honor the memory of your child as you move forward, whether you had a funeral or memorial service or not. Each person will feel called to remember their child in his or her own way. Here we have a few ideas that may inspire you.

  • Make a keepsake box.
  • Wear a mothers’ necklace, ring, charm bracelet, etc. (with the child’s birthstone, or an engraving of their initials/name/date of birth/death). There are many places you can get these, one option is here.
  • Make or buy a rosary with or without your child’s name on it
  • Journal or blog about your pregnancy and the baby’s life and keep it out so others can see it or at least you can notice it from time to time
  • Engrave a small plaque or box with the child’s name and date of the miscarriage
  • A wall display or shadow box with icons of each child’s patron saint, or their names engraved on the back of something like a bible verse plaque.
  • Statues or wall art that can be placed in visible locations as a memorial, such as this statue of a guardian angel holding a baby, this art with a quote from St. Zelie, a remembrance block specific to your child, or this image of Jesus holding a baby. There are many similar beautiful items on Etsy, and many are customizable if you would like to include (or not include) your child(ren)’s name(s).
  • Attend (or start!) an annual, local Mass said for children lost to miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death.
  • Purchase a personalized teddy bear.
  • Include your child’s name in any litany of Saints you say, or simply request their prayers on a daily basis.
  • Have your child’s name put in the Book of Life at the Shrine of the Holy Innocents in New York (and visit, if you are able!)
  • Submit your child’s name and choose a flower for the online Garden of Remembrance, a place to honor and appreciate your child(ren) regardless of age or when your loss(es) happened.
  • Frame ultrasound photos or footprints, if you were able to have either done.
  • Make or buy a Christmas ornament. There are many on Etsy that are able to be customized; some have written “First Christmas with Jesus” or the baby’s name, dates, etc.
  • Plant a flower garden in memory of your child. A headstone or plaque could also be placed there.
  • There are a number of miscarriage-/loss-specific prayer cards, images, and more available at this site.