The Physical Process

Going through a miscarriage or stillbirth can be a scary time, not least of all because of the physical effects. There is a lot of helpful information on the internet about the physical process of a miscarriage, but we tried to condense some of it here for you as well. We also tried to include information about the morality of certain treatments, if applicable. Much of this information is copied, with permission, from Lost Innocents. For more to read, Facts About Miscarriage has an extensive site.

If there is ever any question as to the state of your health, please contact your doctor or midwife. The information we provide here is solely to help you understand the process your body is going through, as well as to evaluate all of your options, and should never be taken as medical advice.

Finally, if you would like to find someone to go through the actual miscarriage with you, please see the section about bereavement doulas on our Organizations and Services page.